Ober & Out
Lauren Ober is a radio host and podcast consultant in Washington, D.C. She's also a noted speaker and presenter on all things audio. And some people think she's a pretty fun gal.

Podcast Consulting


Podcast Consulting

During my time hosting The Big Listen, NPR’s “broadcast about podcasts,” I became a bona fide podcast expert. I’ve listened to thousands of podcast episodes and I know what it takes to make a great show (understanding your audience, having a point of view and not recording in your dank basement, for starters).

There aren’t a lot of people who are as intimately acquainted with the podcast landscape as I am. So if you want some real talk about how to make your mark in podcastland, give a shout. Whatever stage of show development you’re in, I’d be happy to help out with hosting, scripting, booking, episode planning, distribution and marketing.

Clients include:

  • Duke University

  • Motherly.com

  • CIA

  • Library of Congress

  • Smithsonian

  • PBS

  • Tegan & Sara