Ober & Out
Lauren Ober is a radio host and podcast consultant in Washington, D.C. She's also a noted speaker and presenter on all things audio. And some people think she's a pretty fun gal.
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Spectacular Failures

Launched in 2019, Spectacular Failures is a narrative show about big business failure. It’s produced by American Public Media with financial assistance from the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota. The show hit more than two million downloads in its first 10 weeks and I am confident saying it was a hit. I produce the show (now heading into its second season) with my favorite boy producer, Whitney Jones.


The Big Listen

From 2016 to 2018, I hosted and produced The Big Listen from WAMU and NPR. It was both a broadcast and podcast all about the emerging world of digital audio. Think of it like a combination of The New York Times Book Review and Oprah’s Favorite Things, but for podcasts. I created the nationally distributed show in 2015 (along with my number one guy, Jacob Fenston). 


If you want some host coaching or other podcast consulting, give me a bell. I can definitely help you and your show sound pretty sexy (and informed and fun).